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At Sea Cummins a system of bodywork, diet, energy exercise and verbal support is designed at your intake and during your sessions. Palpating the meridians and body readings with lifestyle checklists may be indicated. Your treatment plan unfolds further during time on the table and is said to be contained within your own cerebrospinal fluid. Biodynamic Craniosacral, Polarity Therapy, Somatic Nervous System Regulation based on current studies of neuroscience such as the polyvagal theory of Dr Stephen Porges, the Shock and Trauma Resolution approach of Dr Peter Levine, the Biodynamic Listening Touch of Franklyn Sills and direct studies with Anna Chitty. The Cosmology of Polarity founder Dr Randolph Stone and help of John Chitty, quantum physics, embryology and acupuncture “laser touch” of Dr Susan Lange with Mary Louise Muller create a tapestry of presence and resource for Sea’s work. Pre and perinatal psychology Sea gleaned from Ray Castellino and Polarity with the Four Directions elements gleaned from introduction to Heather Principe with ancient wisdom and shamanic roots. Reiki, crystal clearing, aromatherapy and Sea’s own karmic ancestral lineage, heart and dedication to service are powerful catalysts to client goals.

Meeting the client where they are at with regards to current pain levels, autonomic nervous system regulation, somatic resource, emotional and mental state is number one and Sea has studied and practiced over 30 years working with thousands of cases. Some are ready for direct classic introduction to the biodynamic craniosacral session and many others due to stress and day-to-day acceleration do require a polarity therapy transition to be able to settle the nervous system sufficiently, possibly access their stillpoints and be likely to make the micromotion self-adjustments into their Health comfortably. Sea will discuss this clearly with you and create a plan together with your agreement before the session begins.

Please allow up to two hours time for the first appointment. The first few appointments will contain much exposition and guided imagery during the listening touch of biodynamic craniosacral, natural facial rejuvenation and polarity therapies … as time goes on the need for this will lessen but can be used to deepen the experience and reinforce the somatic settling habits of one’s mind.

The Raw Princess: Helping Women Create A Happy Healthy Future, are Sea’s products and services. Delicious food and drink for clients to pre-order take home at the time of their in-office session completion. There is also an online resource page in development and store with Sea’s favorite life hacks (pending) along with VIP days in Portland, OR, Denver, CO, USA and Los Barriles, Baja California del Sur and Mexico City, Mexico. The VIP days are guided cleanse and coaching with bodywork and astrology body map and astro geography evaluation. Lifestyle checklists and home energy clearing are important parts of the VIP day for maximum leverage at setting and reaching new transformative and exciting goals for your life and health. For resolving life’s dings and dents as well as the bigger stuff it is KEY to simply “stop doing the stuff that’s bad for you!” Here we make that fun!

Zoom and Facetime appointments for raw food coaching and astro-geo intuitive readings. See booking app for availability.

The Raw Princess hosts and runs Baja Beach residential retreats annually for qualifying applicants. These immerse you in the food, drink and healthy life so it becomes a happy habit not a weird drudgery!

The Polarity Academy offers CEs to bodyworkers, nurses and introduction to those interested in becoming a Polarity Associate Practitioner. Next class is August 2019. To apply for and hold your spot click here.

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