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Policies and Procedures


These pages provide basic information and disclosure of key aspects of Sea Cummins Energy Schools’ (SCES) educational programs.

Educational Services Overall Objectives: SCES programs are adulteducation courses in holistic health based on Polarity Therapy as defined by the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA), and on Craniosacral Therapy as defined by the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (CSTA/NA) and the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Traning (IABT). The objective of a SCES program is twofold: occupational development for health-field professionals, and personal growth.

Sea Cummins programs and courses may be used towards continuing education credits (CEs)  for licensed massage therapists. State by state may vary but a certificate of completion is provided and verification of class content and outline for licensing boards is available upon request.

Sea Cummins programs, although based on APTA and BCST tenets, are not yet eligible to certify students in pursuing their full certifications in BCST or Polarity Therapy unless arranged with specific teachers beforehand who know Sea and permit credits in their programs from SCES students.

School Calendar: Each program has its own calendar. See the current Calendar of Scheduled Trainings for specific information on the course you are taking. No events are held on major holidays. Entrance Requirements: Minimum age for admission to a SCES training is 18, unless accompanied by parent and with special permission. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Advanced trainings require satisfactory completion of entry-level programs.

SCES does not discriminate based on age, gender, race, religion, lifestyle, disability or ethnic origin.

Program Length & Time: CSES programs vary in length.

Core program lengths include:  Polarity and You: A Five Week Course Level 1 is 5 days Programs are generally 2.5 hours per day beginning at 7 p.m., with a 30-minute refreshment and Q & A at 9 p.m.

Type of Instruction: SCES programs are conducted in-class with at least one SCES instructor present.

SCES does offer webinar, online digital courses, VIP days and retreat and  residential programs.

Attendance Policy: Absence at more than 5% of the regularly scheduled events of a program will cause withholding of Certificate of Completion, until such time as the material missed has been satisfactorily completed. SCES will work with students to accommodate schedule problems, including determining makeup options. Students are not charged for make-up events for which payment has already been made as part of the overall tuition. The burden of arranging logistics and resources for making up a missed class is on the student, not the school.

Progress Policy: Evaluation sessions and events are part of each program schedule. In evaluations, instructors use a variety of methods, including interview and demonstration, to determine student progress. SCES programs are ungraded. Students making unsatisfactory progress are given options to improve skills. These options include attendance at additional events, tutorials outside of regular class 2 hours, and practice supervision.

Conduct Policy: SCES reserves the right to dismiss a student for disruptive behavior (including usage of drugs or alcohol) or lack of satisfactory progress. SCES can make this dismissal based on subjective criteria, with power of final decision vested in the program director. In the event of dismissal, a full refund is given. A dismissed student may re-apply for any program, but SCES is under no obligation to re-accept the student, or to provide support for APTA or CSTA/NA certification.

Placement Assistance: Sea Cummins Energy Studies offers no job placement assistance. SCES does support application to the APTA and/or the CSTA/NA for certification, at the time of satisfactory program completion.

Financial Policies Tuition: Average cost is based on a rate of $140 per day of training. SCES programs are usually paid as each event occurs. A 5% discount is available for entire-program pre-payment of modular programs. No discount is given for pre-payment of “fast track” full-time programs. Tuition is for an entire program, not a segment of a program. If a student misses a segment (day or module) of a program, he or she is still obligated to pay for the whole class including days or modules missed. Some events have non-refundable deposits. Payment plans are available on a limited basis. Generally, scholarships and workstudy assistance is not available. To request a payment plan arrangement, send a letter with the application, proposing a schedule of payments. This proposal will be reviewed during the admission process and will either be accepted or an alternative will be proposed. No interest is charged on payment plans.

Financial aid and payment plans are not available for applicants paying for other professional training running concurrently with the SCES event.

Fees and additional costs: There are no additional fees associated with the core program. Each course has required reading, so textbooks may be an additional cost. Make-up classes may require additional payment. Certification in either Polarity or Craniosacral Therapy requires private sessions to be received outside of class, for additional costs. Additional events from SCES or another provider, may be necessary for APTA certification, requiring additional fees. These include Anatomy and Physiology special classes (average $120 per day, for those with no prior A&P training), Practice Supervision classes (average $20 per hour) and others. Please consult with the director of your program for specific information on your situation. Note that Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy practitioner certification comes from APTA and CSTA/NA, respectively, not SCES.

APTA and CSTA/NA Certifications, Membership and Certification Application Fees are separate from costs of the SCES program. The BCST designation (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist) comes from its association with the IABT (see and requires no additional fees.

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