I am a nationally certified bodyworker, biodynamic craniosacral and polarity practitioner as well as licensed professionally in CA and OR for massage therapy. I also offer CE’s to therapists.

Astrology For You

Your birth chart & current planets for you. Navigate your energies with insights that support your life, work, love, location, health and wealth.

Food & Drink

Need help with delicious but healthy fare? Pop-up menu by Sea along with the ultimate lifestyle transformation reset.

Young Living

I am so excited to share with you the life changing benefits of the highest standards in essential oils.

Aroma Yoga® With Sea

With body movement combined with essential oils matched to your needs, the four pillars of wellness are complete.

Colonic at Tree of Life Colonics

Remove impacted matter and chemicals from the modern world by gravity-feed flushing with fresh triple-filtered water. Sea has decades of experience to create ease with acupressure points, essential oils and abdominal packs.

Studying and providing bodywork, diet, exercise and counseling for 44 years

Kick start your life with trauma-informed bodywork, food, astrological guidance and aroma yoga® you can 100% count on